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Creating a presentation is a HUGE  investment in time; hours of research, working on designing the slides with fonts and images, rehearsing your presentation. Have you ever done all of that and when you finally delivered the presentation, it had little impact on your audience? 

It's not your fault if your presentation is perceived as falling flat, with no narrative, endless bullet-points, grainy and irrelevant images. You were given the tasks to educate but were never given the skills to properly engage and communicate with your audience. Keynotable is the 12-week workshop that will teach you everything that you need to know about being an educator who motivates and inspired by their words.


Have you ever been inspired by a great speaker? Can you remember a specific call to action during a well-crafted presentation? Do you wish that people were more engaged during your presentations? Great speakers have a special gift by gaining our trust with their words, but this is a skill that you can master and make your own 

My name is Haney Mallemat and I am a medical educator. Early in my career, I observed that whether I was sitting in an audience of hundreds or in a C-suite with a few executives, great speakers gain attention and respect. I wanted that respect and attention when I spoke, so I read all the books on presentation design, studied the greatest speakers through history, and learned all I could about the art and science of presentation skills. My passion and methodical practice of presentation have led me to some of the largest stages speaking to thousands nationally and internationally.

Throughout my studies, I have come to realize there is a very simple formula for creating and delivering effective presentations, but it is not taught to medical educators. I wanted to help other educators who were looking to master public speaking, so I created the Keynotoalbe workshop to share my step-by-step process with aspiring educators. I have created a clear and simple pathway for gaining confidence and expertise on stage. I have personally been teaching and coaching speakers for almost 10 years, speakers who have presented at national and international conferences.

Now I want to teach you how to become the next great educator. Whether you are speaking at a national conference, grand rounds, or to your patients at the bedside I want to help you speak confidently so people listen when you give a presentation. The ability to communicate effectively will help you become more successful and respected, ultimately leading to more growth and satisfaction in your career.

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Presenters

There is both an art and a science to delivering engaging and educational presentations. Keynotable breaks it all down and gives you a reliable step-by-step blueprint that you will use again and again. You will immediately notice that your presentations will engage more people and your confidence while speaking will skyrocket.



 Create Engaging Stories

Stories capture and hold an audience's attention. You will learn how to master storytelling to instantly engage your listeners.

Create Beautiful Slides

Say good-bye to ugly slides that are filled with tiny-fonts, bullet-points, and grainy images. You don't need any design skills to succeed!

Confidently Deliver Talks

You will learn exercises and techniques to command an audience. You will look and feel like a professional after the course.


Want to maximize your potential as a speaker? The Keynotableworkshop will give you the step-by-step guide to developing presentations that will resonate deeply with your audiences. 

You will learn how to:

  • brainstorm presentation ideas for your audiences
  • turn dry medical topics into captivating topics for presentation
  • create entertaining, emotional, and engaging stories
  • design colorful slides that are aesthetically pleasing to your audience
  • avoid annoying and distracting bullet-point slides
  • utilize exercises that minimize anxiety prior to talks
  • confidently deliver presentations
  • grow as a speaker, build a niche, and get more invitations to speak at conferences

Read What People Are Saying About Keynotable

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Our students' success speaks volumes 

"I've been giving presentations for 10 years and I had it all wrong.

This workshop taught me to focus on my audience first now people love my talks!" 

Alex R.

Attending Emergency Medicine Physician

"I never thought that I could design professional-looking slides so easily.

Dr. Mallemat made it so simple and now I love making slides!

Jason S.

Surgical Resident

"I used to be so nervous before a talk. After the Keynoatble, I am more confident and spoke at my first national conference last year! 

The coaching provided is personalized to me and is second to none!" 

Christy S.

Attending Physician in CCM

Live Sessions with World-Class Faculty 

We partnered with the best speakers in the world who will share their tips, tricks, and secrets during optional live sessions.

Master The Elements of Memorable & Inspirational  Presentations


Winning presentations start with a focused topic conveyed through a personal story. You will learn strategies to:

  • effectively use brain-mapping when determining a topic
  • focus topics for an audience
  • engage audiences from different levels of training
  • create handouts and supplemental materials
  • storyboard ideas and build a story
  • mastering your opening
  • close your talk like a pro


Many people incorrectly believe that beautiful slides can only be created by the artistically gifted. The Keynotable workshop helps you create beautiful, image-filled slides that are not filled with tiny-font bullet-points. You will quickly create visually stunning slides by:

  • using more images and minimizing text on slides
  • understanding how using colors can help with your message
  • learning the best fonts for presentation
  • using our simple "3-2-1 Rule" to rapidly design aesthetically pleasing slides 


Have you ever seen a TED talk and wonder, "how do they speak so masterfully and confidently?" Keynotable breaks down all the elements that you need to speak, stand, and deliver your presentation like a pro. In this workshop we cover:

  • improving your posture and stance
  • eye-contact with the audience
  • hand position and movement
  • using the entire stage and getting out from behind the podium
  • techniques to improve your voice and tone

Keynotable Tuition*

*Prices below are only for the April 1st inaugural course and will increase after that date.

Keynotable Self-Study


Keynotable Self-Study

  • Watch the complete 15-hour Keynotable video course
  • Access course for 3-months from the date from purchase
  • Discounts to future workshops and live coaching.
  • 16 hours of CME (AMA PRA Category 1 Credit) 

KeyNotable Workshop (Best Value)


Video Worksop + Coaching

  • Watch the complete 15-hour Keynotable video course
  • Discounts to future workshops and live coaching.
  • 24 hours of CME (AMA PRA Category 1 Credit)
  • Access to the Keynotable community for 12-months
  • Unlimited access to video workshop for 6-months  

  • 3 coaching sessions with a member of the Keynotable faculty
  • 10 Premium Keynote for MAC templates


Keynotable Masterclass (Ultimate Training Plan)


All-Access + Live Coaching!

  • Watch the complete 15-hour Keynotable video course
  • Discounts to future workshops and live coaching.
  • 10 Premium Keynote for MAC template
  • 32-hours of CME (AMA PRA Category 1 Credit)
  • Watch live monthly seminars with Keynotable faculty
  • 6 coaching sessions with a member of the Keynotable faculty
  • Unlimited access video workshop for 12-months  

  • Lifetime access to the Keynotable community
  • Access to our premiere video library of previously recorded live seminars

  • Optional 1:1 coaching is available as an add-on feature (contact us for more info)
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