Keynotable is the only presentation course conference designed specifically for medical professionals. Keynotable empowers educators with skills to better connect with learners during talks and improve retention.

Attend our FREE one-day conference on May 31 and learn presentation mastery directly from the experts.*


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Deliver Presentations

That Inspire and Educate

  • Learn the importance of storytelling to deliver more engaging talks

  • Unlock the secrets to building slides that will resonate with your message

  • Gain the confidence to stand in front of your audience and deliver a powerful and inspiring talk

  • Learn the differences in presentation design for small groups, online presentations, large venues, and conferences

  • Network with other presenters to get more speaking engagements

The Keynotable Conference Will Give You

With The Tools To Elevate Your Presentation Skills

Presentation Design

  • Learn how to craft memorable presentations
  • Better focus presentations to better educate your audience
  • Learn the secrets of powerful slide design
  • Gain the skills to confidently stand on stage and deliver your message


  • Meet and collaborate with other presenters to further develop your style
  • Network with other presenters to expand your reach as a speaker
  • Find and create a group of likeminded speakers to mentor and grow with each other

Practice Your Skills

  • Get real-time feedback from the presentation experts
  • Get out from behind the podium and command the stage
  • Learn how to create a customized practice plan that works for you

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What prior Keynotable attendees are saying...

"I used to be so nervous before a talk. After the Keynoatble, I am more confident and spoke at my first national conference last year! 

The coaching provided is personalized to me and is second to none!" 

Christy S.

Attending Physician in CCM

"I've been giving presentations for 10 years and I had it all wrong.

This workshop taught me to focus on my audience first now people love my talks!" 

Alex R.

Attending Emergency Medicine Physician

"I never thought that I could design professional-looking slides so easily.

Dr. Mallemat made it so simple and now I love making slides!

Jason S.

Surgical Resident

Keynotable is the only presentation workshop designed specificaly for medical educators and professionals. Learn about the workshops that we have for you.

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